Individual Video: Hawaii Adventures (AmyF)

Between being distracted by being sick the other week & having finals quickly approaching, I realized my individual video project wasn’t published…was still in draft on my WordPress. Sorry for the late post! Here is a video montage of clips I took around Oahu & Maui this year. Enjoy! 🙂

*My wordpress is giving me problems when I try to post it onto my own wordpress page, so I am putting it on our class wordpress & facebook

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The A&E Morning Show

Here is the final project of a great semester in the class Communication Convergence with Dr. John Heckathorn.

I just wanted to say that I have learned a lot and really enjoyed this class. I have been able to do things in this class that I thought I would have never done. With that being said, I can truly say that this class has broaden my creative and intellectual grasp on Media.

Here is the final project that was produced and written by Amy and myself. I hope you enjoy our news and comical podcast on Web 3.0 and Mobile phones.

The A&E Morning Show Com 6910

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Class 4/28: You don’t have to come, but I will

On the mistaken notion that you would be doing your final project in groups, I set aside this week’s class for you to have group meetings.

Turns out almost everyone except Melvin and Steffie want to work alone.  Fine with me.

I will be in class in case anyone wants to discuss his or her final project with me.  But you are under no obligation to come if you’ve cleared your project with me.

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Video Posts

Here’s what we have so far:

Sun’s Hanauma Bay video

Kenneth’s Soccer Video

Kole’s “Happy Video”

Melvin’s New Apartment

Plus Amy’s Sample Video from last week

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Facebook Is the Largest News Organization Ever

This is the most interesting thing I’ve read lately on social media, a startling insight from Harvard Business Review.

Hats off to Amy Fuhrmeister for finding this and posting it on the class FB wall.

Facebook Is the Largest News Organization Ever

Here’s a crucial comment:

Facebook is great, sure, but Facebook is not a news organization. It does not report, write, research, follow up, or verify news reports. Facebook is a platform on which people share information, some of which is news or news-like. Calling Facebook a news organization is like calling your TV set or your office water cooler a news organization.

I’ve also added a (somewhat grumpy) counterview, which is also a good example of how not to write a web post.

Old MacDonald Meets AOL

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Video Links

Here’s what I have so far of your videos.  Where are the rest, people?

Rap: Keynes v. Hayek.  Plus Norwegian political video!

Big Girl Does A Split On The Dance Floor! Background on hypervideo, here.

This one’s wonderful, from Cherry: Changing Education Paradigms

This is similar, but interesting for our studies: Internet in Society

Why the Food Network’s Days are Numbered [Blog, video and especially the debate in the comments.]

Tim, is this your video? Is There an Afterlife?

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A project list–and the final project

On Facebook, Danielle asked if I would do a list of the projects for this class.  Most of the project assignments are already on this class blog, but I thought a single list might make a handy reference.  Especially since even I got confused and misnumbered the projects.

No. 1: Create a blog and for your first post, talk about communication styles.  How do people best reach you, and what platform—phone, email, text, social networks—would you use to communicate with whom?

No. 2: There were five choices, so they are too long to list.  But they are all on the class blog here.

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