First Class Tonight

I don’t have email addresses for everyone in class.

If I don’t have your email address (for instance if I’ve never emailed you) or if the email address on your HPU record is not the one you use, please send me an email:

Another easy way to communicate is the class Facebook page.  It’s a page, not a person, so the quickest way to find it is to click the link on the right rail of this blog.  Please click LIKE, which should then allow you to post and comment.  It’s our page, so feel free to use it.

In addition, you’ll find a link to my professional (as opposed to professorial) blog, Biting Commentary, on the right rail.  My Twitter is @johnheckathorn

I’d like you to start a blog.  If you have a blog already—one you don’t mind sharing with the class—just email me the url.  If you don’t have one already, you can get a free WordPress blog by clicking here.  Having a WordPress blog will make signing up to use the main class blog easier.

All this talk about blogs, emails, Twitter, brings me to what I’d like to talk about in the first class (which will be shorter tonight than normal, about 1-1/4 hour).

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is communication styles—which ties in to one of the points in the convergence piece I posted, the collision of public and private media.

How do you talk to who for what purpose?  I asked on Twitter and got a smattering of replies.

@johnheckathorn Email=alwaysbest4everything Twitter=peersidontknow(ie:readers) Text=makingimmediateplansw/anyone Phone=girlsi<3+you!

@johnheckathorn It’s interesting to think about how we use social media and why we think everyone understands our motive. ‘Cause they don’t.

@johnheckathorn Socially correct thank you notes are always written on paper and mailed…….that’s my 2 cents for you

Think about your communication styles, those of your peers, but also those you might use with other people. Who uses what?  How do you reach someone you don’t know personally? Educate yourself a little.

Here are a few links to get you started:

7 Surprising Stats @ Twitter in America

Study: Ages of Social Network Users

100+ Twitter Statistics

Official Facebook Stats

Who Uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & MySpace?

Internet 2009 in numbers

8 email statistics to use at parties

Media Trends- Mobile Devices 2001 0119 (This last was sent to me by one of your classmates, Kymberley Jurado)

Finally by the start of the next class, would you post your thoughts on contemporary communications styles to your blog page, doing your best to write reasonable clear prose.

While you are at it, by next Tuesday evening, please post the most interesting link your research has found on the class FB page.  Let’s all read them, because they may spark mutually informed class discussion.








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