This May Make Project No. 2 Clearer for You

I thought it might help if I wrote down the blog topics for the next class.  Please write a substantial post on one of the following topics.  Not all.

And not off the top of your head, so do a little background work to inform your discussion.  Write conversationally, but clearly.  [Here’s two pretty good links on blog post writing, if you interested, from Neil Patel and Lauren Vargas.]

Here are the topics.  Choose one.  Put the post up on your blog, put a link to your blog the class FB page.

1. Where do you want to be in five years, and how will you use media, social and otherwise, to establish and extend your personal brand?  Of course, media and especially social media will evolve over the next five years.  Where do think it’s going and what would be the ideal development for your personal brand?

Some resources:

2. If you don’t want to think about your personal brand and the next five years, how about thinking about mine, right now?  I’ve just shifted from writing for and editing magazines to blogging everyday on restaurants—which despite an extensive 26-year media career, is the one thing I am known for.

I started a new professional Twitter account under my own name: @johnheckathorn.  I decided my FB page was no longer just personal, but open to everyone who friended me. I also post every blog entry to Honolulu Magazine’s FB page.

How do I get better, especially at encouraging people to read the blog?  Come up with a plan for me.  Best plan earns my undying gratitude.

3. Here’s one topic that seemed to run through last week’s write-ups, especially in terms of your own Facebook usage.

Web 2.0 has created a convergence between public and private media.  Looked at one way, this spells the end of privacy.  Looked at another, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate knowledge.  It may even be a shift in how we perceive identity, ideas, copyright and so forth.

Web 2.0 makes possible such aggregated sites as Wikipedia and YouTube.  The Web 2.0 site Twitter may be the world’s new newswire.  And Web 2,0 means that you often find items on the web not through search, but through reccomendations from friends.

Don’t just complain about FB, we’ve done that already.  This is a huge topic, and it’s kind of fuzzy, as you complained in class.  Perhaps you would want to take a thinner slice of the topic, suggested by your own research.  Email me if you have a question.

In an attempt to be helpful, I found you some links.

4. This is one I didn’t get around to mentioning in class.  There are lots of concern about the sheer volume of communication we all receive: email, FB posts, Twitter feeds.  Would someone like to research aggregator sites like HootSuite, Google Reader and more that pull together all your social media and web news?  Give the class a good idea of the resources out there?

5. You can come up with your own topic, as long as it has some relevance to work.  But email me,, so we agree on what you’re doing.  Soon.


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