A reminder on this week’s project (Project No. 3)—and believe it or not, a syllabus

This is an example of the first writing, cuneiform script, some 40 centuries ago, written on a clay tablet with a reed stylus.

Hello.  We’ve all no doubt had another busy week.

Here’s a quick reminder on this week’s assignment.

Project No. 3: Web post on the most interesting thing you learned this week about media, about the history of media, about the cultural effects of media change.  Elaborate on the idea, perhaps adding material of your own.

Why interesting instead of important?

Because if you ask people to write on important ideas, they try to guess what you think is important.

Catching people’s interest is one key to attention in the flooded new media environment, so be interesting yourself.

Oh, and I’ve been working off a rough syllabus all this time.  It’s about time I shared it with you.  Subject to change, of course.  2011 02 15 Syllabus COM6910


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