Project No. 4 (Case Study Social Media)

For the next blog post, would you please find a case study in the use of social media?  Not just general reflections on social media, but a demonstration of social media in action.

–One suggestion was to follow and Street Twitter, web and YouTub campaign for EatTheStreet.  Why is this interesting?  One, it’s happening right now.

Two, last month’s inaugural event clearly demonstrated  the Pied Piper effect of social media.  It drew 1,000 people with no conventional publicity, mainly just Twitter.  Even the poster was virtual.  

Three, it involves a business (new food trucks) that wouldn’t exist without social media.

Four, I thought you might find it enjoyable. If you want to go to EatTheStreet, it’s Friday Feb. 25, 5-9p, 555 South Street (which is a large parking lot a little mauka of Restaurant Row).

If you Tweet, please use the hashtag #COM6910B.

If you can go to EatTheStreet, the post is not due until Monday 2/28.  Otherwise please keep on the normal due-by-class time schedule.

Other case studies you might consider:

–Social media played a prominent role in the political uprisings in the Middle East.  Do a little research, see exactly how it worked.  Draw some conclusions.

–On the lighter side, the unexpected winners at the Grammy Awards set off a huge storm across the web, on YouTube, even on Wikipedia.  See what you can find and talk about the consequences for major media franchises, like the Grammies, which used to be one-to-many (the professionals speaking to a passive audience).  Clearly, things have changed.

–Find your own example.  How about major missteps from corporations trying to use social media?  There are some famous social media fails out there.

Or find some totally successful social media campaigns.  Or find a group of tools to use social media professionally.  There’s much to learn out there.

–Post that teaches me the most wins a small prize.


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