Email Newsletter: Project 6

I’d like you to try your hand at the least noticed, but perhaps most pervasive of the new media: the html e-mail newsletter.

Here are a couple of examples.

1.  The Hawaii Magazine newsletter.  This reaches 22,ooo opt-in subscribers, larger than most Hawaii print magazines.  It’s tremendously successful in terms of opened emails and click-through rate.

You’ll will note that it’s picture heavy and drives traffic to the web site, a task at which it has been tre  You could use something like this to point out your blog posts, or to link to articles on a specific topic you find intriguing.

2. The Biting Commentary newsletter.  This is the one I produce weekly.  It’s heavily formatted.  It reaches 8,000 subscribers.  Once again, it drives to the web site.  You tease and then get people to click on what interests them.  For the foreseeable future, this works better than tweets, better than Facebook in driving web traffic.

3. Shelly Johnson’s daily tech newsletter, part of an outreach that includes a cable TV show, a web site, no doubt a Twitter campaign.  This is essentially a news aggregation site.  You can put on your blog teasers to news stories (collected by you or culled from your fellow students’ suggestions) and then link to them in a newsletter.  Do you see how powerful this can be.  You’ve got an audience of thousands, who are interested in your topic.  You’re tnot waiting until they come come to your site, you’re talking to them daily. Pdf: Google Accesses Customers’ Phones to Kill Malware.

4. Some other examples.  The Honolulu Academy of Arts newsletter.  It’s hard to find a serious organization or business that doesn’t have one of these.  And a Mountain Apple release, not really a newsletter since it doesn’t come out on a regular schedule, but the same concept.

Do a newsletter for next class.  You can get a 60-day free trial from Constant Contact by clicking here.  That will give you an html template that easy to use, and the opportunity to send a trial email to five different email addresses.  Make one of them mine, but it’s OK if you create a great email to update your family and friends on your life.

You can send more than five, simply by going back and using new email addresses.  You can’t on a trial basis load a mailing list and send 22,000 emails, but this will give you an idea of what it’s like.


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