Posting Your Podcast (and, alas, Edgy Deferred)

Filmmaker/new media maven Edgy Lee, who cannot come tomorrow night to class, but has been rescheduled for March 31.

Leah Michaels posted her podcast on her own blog, DeadSyncDiva.

The ever resourceful Tim Lussier posted his on YouTube and put the link on the class Facebook page.

However, you may have difficulty posting your podcast to your WordPress blog.

WordPress may not allow you to post a sound file, because it wants you to buy a storage upgrade first.

As an alternative, you can post your podcast to the class blog.  Here’s how.

I’ve added the vast majority of you to the contributor list on the class blog.  That means if you click here, it should give you a sign-in page.

Sign in with your own WordPress user name and password.

It should recognize you, and allow you to post. To add a sound file to your post, click the little musical notes icon and upload.

Make sure to click “Save Draft” when you are done.  It won’t publish right away, but I can see it and click publish.

Any problems, email or call me.

On a sad note, Edgy Lee of is in production tomorrow and cannot come speak to the class.  But all is not lost, she’s rescheduled for March 31.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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One Response to Posting Your Podcast (and, alas, Edgy Deferred)

  1. Has anyone but Melvin tried this? Any problems? Call me.

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