New Class Schedule

March 31: Edgy Lee

April 7:  The language of video

Project No. 7: Find a web video that strikes you as both (1) quality work and (2) a sign of where video should go/is going in the future.  If you can contact the creator and ask a few questions, so much the better.  Post a link and your analysis of the work. Be prepared to talk about it in class.

April 14:

Outside of class:Social Media Seminar “Tweet Up,” 3-5 p.m., Dave & Busters, for those who can make it.  Free to you, but you need to tell me.

In Class: Shooting effective web video, Guest speaker: Susanne Kurisu, Menpachi Productions

April 21: The language of video.

Project No. 8: Write a post and shoot a short video on a subject of your choosing.  If you can’t think of a topic, do one on the difference between text and video.  Or, best yet, choose a topic that illustrates the different treatments.

April 28: Meetings and consultations, Final Project

May 5: Final Project presentations

May 12: Final exam due


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