The A&E Morning Show

Here is the final project of a great semester in the class Communication Convergence with Dr. John Heckathorn.

I just wanted to say that I have learned a lot and really enjoyed this class. I have been able to do things in this class that I thought I would have never done. With that being said, I can truly say that this class has broaden my creative and intellectual grasp on Media.

Here is the final project that was produced and written by Amy and myself. I hope you enjoy our news and comical podcast on Web 3.0 and Mobile phones.

The A&E Morning Show Com 6910


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Hi! Welcome to life on the Mic. I hope that you will find this page intriguing and useful. Walk with me as I go on my journey of health and fitness, learning how to cook, goals and aspirations, finding my career, traveling world, and living the life of an Eighties Baby!
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One Response to The A&E Morning Show

  1. Nina says:

    Hello, I scrolled through this blog an the course you took sounds really awesome!! I am a german student who will come to HPU for the fall semester and I could not decide which course to take. Luckily, I found your blog. 🙂 Now it’s decided. Cheers, Nina

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