Tara’s Podcast: Sustainability News

Tara’s Sustainability News podcast.

Here’s my podcast about sustainability news from the week of January 15th. Enjoy.

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New Class Schedule

March 31: Edgy Lee

April 7:  The language of video

Project No. 7: Find a web video that strikes you as both (1) quality work and (2) a sign of where video should go/is going in the future.  If you can contact the creator and ask a few questions, so much the better.  Post a link and your analysis of the work. Be prepared to talk about it in class.

April 14:

Outside of class:Social Media Seminar “Tweet Up,” 3-5 p.m., Dave & Busters, for those who can make it.  Free to you, but you need to tell me.

In Class: Shooting effective web video, Guest speaker: Susanne Kurisu, Menpachi Productions

April 21: The language of video.

Project No. 8: Write a post and shoot a short video on a subject of your choosing.  If you can’t think of a topic, do one on the difference between text and video.  Or, best yet, choose a topic that illustrates the different treatments.

April 28: Meetings and consultations, Final Project

May 5: Final Project presentations

May 12: Final exam due

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Amy F – Travel Podcast

Amy F – Travel Podcast

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Guest speaker: Edgy Lee

Edgy Lee never made up her mind about what kind of artist she was going to be.  In consequence, she is a writer, filmmaker, producer, composer and web TV pioneer.

Here is the web site of her company, Filmworks Pacific.  And here is her major web project, Pacific Network TV.

What follows in the jump copy is her bio.  We’re lucky to have someone with this wealth of creative experience.  Bring questions.  (I, for instance, am going to ask just what she did on the Tonight Show.  But I am sure your questions will be a lot more serious.  Edgy has the most independent film and video/web experience in town.  Take advantage.)

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DW Mic Talk Podcast

DW Mic Talk Podcast_0

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Think positive podcast :)

Think positive podcast

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A Few Links for Class

David Crystal on IMspeak (NPR)

David Crystal on Netspeak (YouTube)

Both Kenneth and Monica posted this on FB

Kole’s Facebook Post

Detroit Symphony FB Woes

Update: Newsweek published what I wanted to say about Charlie Sheen.

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